Sowers Series - Inspirational Biographies
These age-appropriate chapter books give children ages 9 to 14 real-life role models of heroic men and women who followed Christ-inspired pathways to make a positive difference in their world. Available in both Paperback and Audio Books the factual information is in a story format that holds the reader’s interest. The true stories come from many walks of life, including the fields of math and science, history explorers, government and influential leaders, medicine, and the arts. --- READ MORE ---
Harvey's Grammar - Recover Lost Skills
Harvey's Elementary Grammar and Composition and Harvey's Revised English Grammar were written by the 19th century educator Thomas W. Harvey. We have added Elementary Grammar and Composition Answer Key and Revised English Grammar Teacher's Answer Key which contain the answers to both volumes. --- READ MORE ---
History & Government - Our Biblical Foundation
The goal of Under God (New 7th Edition) is to develop effective citizens within the framework of the Christian faith and Christian principles. To help students attain this goal, Under God includes sound ideas about the foundations of constitutional government and the historical background of United States government. --- READ MORE ---
Spelling - Targeted Learning
A Measuring Scale for Ability in Spelling  by Leonard P. Ayres is an old classic, now republished. One thousand frequently used words are arranged according to grade levels so that you can test any pupil and determine his or her level of spelling. Progressive Speller - It’s "progressive" because it begins with basic phonics and progresses to advanced vocabulary words. --- READ MORE ---
Learning Styles - Helpful Insight
This practical, easy-to-understand primer on learning styles helps parents understand how their children learn and recognize all the elements of a learning profile. The biblical basis for each element is presented so parents can develop each child’s unique, God-given design. --- READ MORE ---
Spencerian Penmanship - For Beautiful Handwriting
Despite what modern educators and technology wizards may think, legible handwriting is not obsolete. It brings a personal touch to our correspondence. The Spencerian form of penmanship is a highly-regarded and beautiful form of cursive writing. The very affordable series can be used to introduce cursive to elementary students, to improve the handwriting of older students and adults, or as an art form much like calligraphy. --- READ MORE ---
Lee Roddy - Great for Reluctant Readers!
Best-selling author Lee Roddy has written 50 published novels and 15 nonfiction books with sales in the millions of copies. His credits include Grizzly Adams, which became a prime-time television series; The Lincoln Conspiracy, which made the New York Times best-seller list; Jesus, now a film in more than 500 languages; and four series of character-development novels for young adults and readers ages 8-12. --- READ MORE ---
Ray's Arithmetic
Each textbook in the classic Ray’s New Arithmetic series teaches arithmetic in an orderly fashion in a leveled approach. Designed for one-room schoolhouses, students could learn the necessary arithmetic skills no matter what their age using the appropriate level. Students build computational skills line-by-line while learning to apply those skills as they reason through
story problems. --- READ MORE ---
Lois Walfrid Johnson - Valuable Adventures
Best-selling novels set in the early 1900's in Minnesota, northwest Wisconsin, and Michigan, these compelling, historically accurate stories attract reluctant, average, and gifted readers. Both boys and girls identify with characters who face danger and mystery while learning to deal with peer pressure, family relationships, and the need for unconditional love and forgiveness. --- READ MORE ---
Ray's for Today - NEW RELEASE!
Here’s Ray’s classic arithmetic series in an updated
format. Ray's for Today offers the rigorous and uncompromising content of the original Ray's New Arithmetic series in an updated format. It recreates the classical teaching in an age-appropriate and contemporary manner while still keeping the emphasis on oral language, mental math, and math reasoning.  learn more – hook to current page but take out this paragraph that comes after “Then Ray’s for Today is for You.” --- READ MORE ---
McGuffey's Readers - Original Edition
Out of print for over 125 years, the original McGuffey Eclectic Readers are world renowned for their teaching of reading through the integration of faith with learning. William Holmes McGuffey was an outstanding 19th century educator and preacher who combined his God-given talents in the preparation of these Christ-centered textbooks. The character of our nation was molded in an upright manner through these textbooks over several generations. --- READ MORE ---
Ruth Beechick's Books - Practical Teaching Advice
"I meet teaching parents all around the country and find them to be intelligent, enthusiastic, creative people doing a marvelous job of teaching their children. But, sad to say, most of them do not know what a great job they are doing. Everyone thinks it goes smoothly in everyone else's house and theirs is the only place that has problems. I'll let you in on a secret about teaching: there is no place in the world where it rolls along smoothly without problems. Only in articles and books can that happen." --- READ MORE ---
Phonics - Foundation for Reading
Mott Media publishes many phonics books and helps; The ABC's and All Their Tricks by Margaret Bishop; Phonics In Song CD by Leon V. Metcalf, Phonics Made Plain by Michael S. Brunner, Mrs. Silver's Phonics by Claudine Silver. --- READ MORE ---
Schoolhouse Print - Be Inspired
* Education in the Shadow of the Cross *
This inspired concept of Christian school, church and nation — one and inseparable is reproduced in full color on canvas — yours to frame and treasure! Hung on the wall of your classroom or home, this print will proclaim your God-centered philosophy of education. --- READ MORE ---
Wookbooks - Classic Curriculum
We offer a complete line of workbooks for grades 1-4 written by Dr. Rudy Moore expressly for use with the textbooks described in this web site. Available for Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, four booklets per grade per subject, they provide clear daily lessons, regular reviews, quizzes, and a pull out section containing a comprehensive test of mastery for that workbook as well as answers for all assignments, quizzes and tests. --- READ MORE ---